Statement from WOISD

Statement from White Oak ISD

In an effort to bring some clarification to the events over the weekend, the district would like to share the following:

  • The picture posted last Friday evening is being treated as a terroristic threat against White Oak ISD.
  • White Oak Police Department is currently investigating this action and will determine when and if any arrests will be made. The district enjoys a positive working relationship with the WOPD and is working closely with them to bring this matter to its proper conclusion.
  • WOPD has sole authority and full discretion to make an arrest. This level of legal authority is not assigned to the district.
  • The safety of our students, faculty and staff is, and has always been, the top priority of the leadership of White Oak ISD. This situation is a testament to our commitment to that priority. Action was taken to notify the police immediately and the correct person was identified as the creator of the post. As a result, when our students arrived at school on Tuesday, they were never exposed to the threat posted Friday evening.

I want to once again assure the students, faculty, staff and community of White Oak ISD that your safety is a daily focus of this leadership team. I acknowledge that the lack of detailed information can be frustrating. As a district, we are bound by law to protect the privacy rights of the minors entrusted to our care, even when bad decisions are made and consequences are required.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your overwhelming display of public trust in the White Oak Independent School District. Attendance, district wide, on Tuesday, February 20th was just shy of 95%. The district sees this as a testimony to the commitment we have to protect and educate your children on a daily basis.

Safety at White Oak ISD

This statement was cross posted at the superintendent’s blog.

Safety is our top priority.

At the Town Hall Meeting on January 6, 2013, I spoke to a group of concerned White Oak Stakeholders about the safety and security of our students. The conversations had two main parts.

First, we discussed the procedures and culture in place at White Oak ISD that help to ensure our students can receive a high quality education in a safe learning environment. I want to assure you that we continue to train, practice and review policies and procedures that deal with specific threats to or students be they natural or man made in origin. Along with our fire drills, shelter-in-place drills and foul weather contingencies, we also conducted the district’s first mock evacuation drill designed to move every member of the student body, faculty and staff out of the district. School district personnel and local first responders were involved in this process. The drill was successful and very informative to everyone involved.

Second, we had a discussion about areas of concern with regard to the facilities at all grade levels. Since the meeting in January 2013, WOISD has been involved in a widespread upgrade with security in mind. Over eighty-three (83) security cameras have been installed in the district. These cameras are high resolution and all activity is stored on a DVR for an extended period of time. These cameras record activity in all the main traffic areas inside our campuses, entryways and a majority of the parking areas in the district. Monitors are in place at each campus office and the administration building. The district has installed fifty-two (52) new doors in the district. The majority of the new doors are “exit only” doors that do not have any hardware on the exterior. The doors cannot be opened from the outside. All entry-level doors are now equipped with programmable locks that allow the campus to restrict access to the building and monitor who is coming in during the instructional day. The Intermediate and Middle School have new entrances that direct traffic into the office before entering the instructional areas.

It is my belief, and that of the Board of Trustees, that these improvements have greatly increased the physical plant security at White Oak ISD. These improvements combined with an engaged community, a positive relationship with all first responders and a well trained/caring district workforce come together to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the educational success of the students at White Oak ISD.

As we prepare to begin the 2014/2015 school year, I hope this information is helpful to everyone sending their young people to school each day. The faculty, staff and administrative team at White Oak ISD is fully aware that no plan is perfect and can not guarantee the complete safety of your children while they are at school. What we can do is plan, prepare and provide an environment that is the safest place your children can be in White Oak, Texas, at any given time.

It is a privilege to serve as Superintendent of Schools at White Oak ISD. I look forward to all that is in store for our students and our community in the coming year.

Flu Update for White Oak ISD

In the past few weeks, and increasingly over the past few days, concerns about the H1N1 Flu have increased. It is my hope that the information included in this report will help many of you understand the nature of the problem and give you some piece of mind about the actions being taken by White Oak ISD.

What do we know?

  • There are White Oak ISD students at home sick with flu-like symptoms.

  • Some of the local doctors have made a clinical diagnosis that their patients have H1N1 Flu. Although these diagnoses are most likely correct, WOISD has not received any conformation of a Laboratory Test Confirmed case of H1N1.

  • The symptoms that should alert you to see your doctor are, fever over 100 degrees and a cough or sore throat. The treatment for H1N1 and Type A influenza are basically the same and early diagnosis along with staying at home will help the healing process and cut down on the spread of the flu.

  • WOISD is not experiencing an increase in absences. Attendance for the week of September 14, 2009 remains above 96%.

What are we doing?

  • Our custodial staff is cleaning and disinfecting all common-use areas every night. Industrial strength aerosol disinfecting “bombs” are being used throughout the district.

  • Antibacterial hand soap is available for all students and staff. Our faculty and staff are monitoring all students to insure proper procedures are being followed.

  • WOISD has been approved to provide the H1N1 Vaccine to all students, faculty, and staff as soon as it becomes available. When the plan is ready, all parties involved will be notified as to how and where the vaccine will be dispensed.

There is no doubt that this flu strain is very contagious and that we must be diligent in our efforts to keep everyone healthy. I know that if all the stakeholders in White Oak will make themselves aware of the facts concerning this problem, we will be able to stay healthy and continue the education process for our students. You can find more information about the flu and the vaccination process on the following websites:

Thank you for your help in keeping facts separate from rumors. Everyone at White Oak ISD is concerned about the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community.

UIL Schedules Altered Due to Swine Flu

This is from the UIL office. For more information, please read the statement here.

UIL Schedules Altered Due to Swine Flu

Media Contact: Kim Rogers
Phone: 512) 471-5883
Fax: (512) 471-6589
Email: [email protected]
Date: 04/29/2009


AUSTIN, TX— On the recommendation of Dr. David Lakey, Commissioner of the Texas 
Department of State Health Services, and in consultation with Texas Education Agency 
Commissioner Robert Scott, the University Interscholastic League is altering its schedule of 
events due to the outbreak of the swine flu in Texas. Effective immediately, all UIL 
interscholastic competition is suspended until May 11.  

“The health and safety of our student activity participants is of the utmost importance,” said 
UIL Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt.  “Taking every possible precaution to 
prevent the further spreading of this disease is an important contribution to the welfare of 
our great state, and altering the schedule of our events is a way to keep our participants 

As this is a fluid situation, the UIL tentatively releases the following schedule for UIL 
regional and state events affected by this situation.

Academic State Meet
The UIL Academic State Meet, originally scheduled for May 7-9, will be rescheduled at a 
later date.  The Conference 4A and 5A One-Act Play competition will continue as 
previously scheduled on May 15-16. All other conferences competing in One-Act Play will 
be rescheduled. A schedule of the Academic State Meet, including One-Act Play, will be 
posted on the UIL web site once finalized.

Texas State Wind Ensemble Festival
The Texas State Wind Ensemble Festival, originally scheduled for May 9, has been 
cancelled.  The UIL staff will consult with the 16 participating schools to determine 
whether or not to reschedule the event at a later date. 

Regional Track Meets
All UIL regional track meets originally scheduled for this weekend, May 1-2, have been 
cancelled.  The state track and field meet will be extended to a three-day format to include 
semifinal heats.  The meet is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 

Semifinal qualifiers will be based on the district track meet results.  Each region will be 
represented at the state meet by the top four performances in each event for all conferences.  
Hand-held times will be converted to fully automatic times as defined by the National 
Federation of State High School Association rules.  A revised track and field state meet 
schedule will be posted on the UIL web site no later than Friday, May 1.  Qualifiers to the 
UIL state track and field meet will be posted on the UIL web site on Wednesday, May 6.

Golf State Tournament
The UIL golf state tournament will take place at the previously scheduled times beginning 
May 11.

Tennis State Tournament
The UIL tennis state tournament will take place at the previously scheduled times beginning 
May 11.

Baseball and Softball
No interschool games will take place until May 11 for either softball or baseball.  Below is 
an altered playoff schedule for both sports.

                                                 Softball                                        Baseball   
  District Certification                         April 28                                    May 19   
  Bi District Deadline                           May 16  (1 game or 2 out of 3)              May 23  (1 game or 2 out of 3)   
  Area Deadline                                  May 19 (1 game only)                        May 26 (1 game only)   
  Regional Quarterfinal Deadline                 May 23  (1 game or 2 out of 3)              May 30  (1 game or 2 out of 3)   
  Regional Semifinal Deadline                    May 26 (1 game only)                        June 2 (1 game only)   
  Regional Final Deadline                        May 30  (1 game or 2 out of 3)              June 6  (1 game or 2 out of 3)   
  State Tournament                               June 4-6                                    June 10-13

Phone Outage at the Elementary Campuses

This message is to inform parents with children in the Primary and Intermediate Campuses and all students that ride the school bus that we are having phone problems. Until further notice you will need to use these temporary numbers to communicate with the buildings.
Transportation – 903-452-3705
Intermediate – 903-452-3715
Primary – 903-452-3717
If you have special request for your student, please include a written note to the Principal or Teacher involved. This will insure the request is handled properly. Use the phone numbers to communicate any needs that arise during the school day. We hope to have the regular phones back online by Wednesday but continue to use these temporary numbers until instructed to do otherwise.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Michael E. Gilbert
Superintendent of Schools
White Oak ISD