White Oak High School Receives College Readiness Recognition

November, 2009

White Oak High School has received the “2009 College Readiness Award” from the Texas ACT Council for maintaining or increasing the number of students taking the ACT Assessment over the past five years and significantly increasing their level of achievement and college readiness. The Texas ACT Council is comprised of secondary and post-secondary educators who advise ACT, Inc. on the utilization of ACT programs and services in Texas schools and colleges. ACT, Inc. is the not-for-profit organization that provides assessment, research, information, and program management services in the broad areas of education and workforce development, and the publisher of the ACT Assessment. The ACT Assessment is the college admissions test that is used and accepted by all colleges nationwide and throughout Texas. In 2009, nearly 160,000 Texas students took the ACT which was an all-time high and Texas ACT scores have increased substantially over the last five years.

According to Karen L. Pennell, Assistant Vice President and ACT Southwest Regional Manager, “The Texas ACT Council wanted to recognize those Texas high schools that have made significant strides in increasing the college readiness of their graduates as demonstrated by their ACT score increases over the past five years. This can only happen as a result of the high school’s faculty and staff efforts and the dedication of White Oak High School students and parents to focus on college readiness and raise the level of college readiness for all students. Less than 5% of all high schools in Texas were honored for this superior level of accomplishment.